voy a cambiar vidas.

i write a lot. i have this little notebook that i carry with me everywhere.

porque este mundo es increíble.

i love tumblrs. because people these days are so quick to judge and if you happen upon this site, you get a whole different perspective of someone you thought you knew.

because sometimes we don't speak aloud all we want to say. and written words preserve the moment's intensity.

when i write, i think i look for/ hope someone will disagree with me. because they care enough to engage and sometimes i don't want to believe what i have come to conclude.

i'm self absorbed, passionate, vocal though sometimes internally, stubborn, will argue with you if you don't agree with what i think, interested in multiculturalism race relations psychology cross cultural, still figuring it out




Last night here

My parents are on their plane to Spain right now. I’m laying on my bed with a luggage barely packed. I haven’t written thank you notes but I have all the art materials. Ahh, it’s happening.

“Life is what happens to you when you’re too busy planning.”

I haven’t planned anythang.

I remember when Ana told me
“La vida nos sorprende.” Life surprises us. Scattered thoughts.

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“Hay muchas vidas adentro de una vida.”

There are many lives inside of one life. 

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2014-07-19 11.28.46

Chef Chaouen

2014-07-20 10.35.22


2014-07-20 10.58.20

2014-07-20 12.33.29


2014-07-20 12.33.40

Obligatory post about my trip to Morocco last weekend. The trip itself, journeying from Spain to Africa was exciting. But it was so touristy (as I expected). Yet I surprisingly found joy in the touristy activity of riding camels with other people who were just as excited (though the American ignorance though and cultural insensitivity was at times annoying “wow,…

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My community center

I was walking to work today (or was it yesterday?) and I remembered about how my dream before was to open a community center that provided for immigrants, POC, and people with disabilities. I’d still like to pursue that one day. It’d be a place where abled bodied people are with disabled, immigrants with non, different generations coming together. I’d like to bring some of these people from Spain…

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Activism, Burden, Humanity

I’ve been ignorant about world news, now, before, and in terms of geography. But catching up on the conflict between Israel and Gaza, watching this video of the protest, it makes me sad to see what’s become of humans with so much hate, so much struggle. At the same time, I think about the people who have committed themselves to fighting against injustice. I think about how there is such an unfair…

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As I progress in my understanding of race, gender, there will always be people who think that racism no longer exists and that gender violence doesn’t exist. The gap between us widens and I’m not sure how I can bridge that.. or sanely explain why xenophobia exists.

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For what it’s worth writing here, I fainted today from being out in the heat and not drinking enough water. My brain was working and knew something was wrong but my body couldn’t respond. I poured my emotions about this strange and scary feeling when I got home, but to think about who would know if I was gone and to not have anyone know, it’s heavy.

So I don’t mind adding aquaintances on facebook because this means more of them will see the articles I post and hopefully affect their perspectives, too much?