voy a cambiar vidas.

i write a lot. i have this little notebook that i carry with me everywhere.

porque este mundo es increíble.

i love tumblrs. because people these days are so quick to judge and if you happen upon this site, you get a whole different perspective of someone you thought you knew.

because sometimes we don't speak aloud all we want to say. and written words preserve the moment's intensity.

when i write, i think i look for/ hope someone will disagree with me. because they care enough to engage and sometimes i don't want to believe what i have come to conclude.

i'm self absorbed, passionate, vocal though sometimes internally, stubborn, will argue with you if you don't agree with what i think, interested in multiculturalism race relations psychology cross cultural, still figuring it out

so much has been happening this past week and a half.
we started with the idea of the waamslam bill on april 4, wrote the bill in a week, and publicly demonstrated twice. it’s only april 17. damn

The Bill: 

Wellesley News:

support from the editorial board:

it’s been a crazy two weeks. in the midst of all of this i think a lot of us have found an incredibly strong community. we’re inspired and empowered by each other and it is beautiful.

this past week

- prof m asked me to send her my paper as an example of an “A” paper

- i realized how great of a mentor k is 

- ethnic studies meetings have been moving along quickly and so beautifully. i feel like i’ve found a community for myself with these student organizers

beautiful things to come

Quotes I really like

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

"If you don’t build your own dreams, someone else will pay you to build theirs."

Growing list

I was with my aunt the other day.
“Just like that a day is gone.”
Now that I look back on our conversation it was bordering philosophical. She has 2 days of the week off and she said they passed by so quickly, almost surreally. Woke up, cooked, went to keyfood, visited grandpa, went home and there was a day. I wonder about life. 9 days of spring break passed, I did things but as I’m lying in bed right now I don’t remember what I did each day, how it was spent and if it was well spent.


con el viento llevando las cosas que no decimos
porque el amor verdadero no necesita ninguna palabra
es algo que tu sientes
en frente del agua
abajo del cielo
mi sonrisa en tus ojos
con mis manos en tus manos
sin una palabra
solamente el viento llevando las cosas que no decimos.

People have asked me a lot what I was like in high school. Some people who have been friends with me h.s. until now remember me differently. I used to write poems in spanish I used to be brave enough to read at Open Mics unplanned I used to scream greetings at people but there’s so much I’m doing now that I never did before. What changed what hasn’t why?


: I don’t know if I belong

:You don’t belong. Belong is being a part of. You should never have to belong.
Let it belong to you.


my heart’s not in school anymore

instead of studying im looking up finger puppet designs for the kids tomorrow

it’s the little things, really not academic, that give me reason to go to school

I randomly happened upon my old posts. This is what i love about tumblr. This post for me right now is the complete opposite. When i got to choose what i wanted to study in college, i loved it. And still love it. Can i do both?